By mike fosmer on 2015-04-10 11:34:44 -

The BART (stands for bariatric task) chair by ErgoCentric supports users up to 500lbs with custom-fit style. 

The BART is ordered within specific size ranges for the seat, back and arm height giving the user a custom-tailored solution built just for them.

BART sells for about $1,800 with arms.


Strong and Thrifty

By mike fosmer on 2015-01-19 12:06:17 -

By all accounts Hercules was a pretty strong guy. 

The Hercules big and tall executive chair by Flash Furniture is pretty hefty for the price. Flash claims it's Hercules leather executive swivel will support users up to 500 lbs.

At a $350 sell price this chair is unlikely to last a lifetime for 500-pounders but it's a good compomise for users in the 300-400-pound range who don't want to break the bank for a decent large-scale chair.


Hercules 500 lb capacity office chair

B2503 By Ergogenesis

By mike fosmer on 2014-11-17 11:27:03 -

Users up to 600 lbs can find comfort and support in the Ergogenesis B2503. Ergogenesis has a reputation for building strong ergonomic task chairs and the B2503 is a beast.

The B2503 is not cheap at around $1,900, but if it can save you a workers comp claim. It's a bargain.

Check out the full specs here.


HON's Ignition

By mike fosmer on 2014-04-07 12:22:13 -

Muscatine, IA manufacturer HON is well known as a major player in the office seating market.

HON is now offering it's popular Ignition series task seating in a big-and-tall version. Ignition's simple stylish lines are hard to find in a beefy chair that supports users up to 450 lbs.

The Ignition big-and-tall chair features a roomy 23.5" wide, 19.5" deep seat and sells for $650.


Basyx Big and Cushy

By mike fosmer on 2014-03-04 13:30:17 -

A nice leather executive chair for around 400 bucks is a pretty good deal. It's a real good deal when its back and seat are reinforced to support users up to 450 lbs.

The Basyx VL685 big and tall high-back chair supports the big and tall in style and cushy comfort.

B & T On Budget

By mike fosmer on 2014-01-18 15:21:41 -

Alera's XL series of big-and-tall chairs are rated to support users up to 500 lbs. At a list price of about $350 the AAP-CP110 offers a 22" wide seat and adjustble arms.

Will it really hold up to a 500-pound user? I doubt that it would for very long. But if you are looking for an inexpensive office chair to support someone 300-400 lbs the Alera XL might be just the ticket.

The All-Pro Lineman's Chair

By mike fosmer on 2013-12-15 09:34:04 -

An office chair for the NFL lineman, a chair for the pro wrestler, a seat for the retired pro athlete, an office chair for the heavy-weight truck driver who wants to be as comfortable in his chair as he is in the seat of his big rig, a chair a big guy won't break, an office chair that's comfortable and attractive for any size person; that's what Era Products Big and Tall Office Chairs provides.

Other office chairs rated for users up to 500 lbs are, well, not exactly beautiful or relaxing to the normal size user. Many of the hundreds of chair makers in the office furniture industry offer beefed-up versions of their regular 250 lb capacity chairs. The chairs are reinforced to support added weight. Sometimes inches and extra foam are added to the seats, but the basic design remains the same. The weight capacity tweaking adds "ugly" but not comfort.

A 98 lb woman can sit in an Era chair and be instantly comfortable and familiar with the feel. That's because Era designs its chairs like the seats in a luxury automobile. 



Cushy Fabric Exec Chair Holds 400 lbs

By mike fosmer on 2013-11-05 08:16:34 -

Import furniture mainstay OFM has an impressive menu of big and tall office seating. The OFM 710 supports 400lbs in cushy comfort. With fabric upholstery rather than vinyl, you stay cool.

Check out the 710 video.




Nonstop For Cops

By mike fosmer on 2013-09-19 15:08:44 -

Sitonit Seating's Nonstop task chair has become a favorite with police departments. Nonstop is made for 24/7 use. It comes in three sizes for all sizes of users. The size 1 chair seats users up to 300 lbs. The size 2, 350 lbs. and the size 3 has a 500 lb weight capacity.

Police departments like the chair because of its rugged construction, generous size and lifetime warranty. Nonstop also offers an optional fold-back adjustable arm that makes it easy to to get in and out with bulky gun belts. Check out the full Nonstop lineup.


The Last Chair You'll Ever Need

By mike fosmer on 2013-08-17 12:02:13 -

If you're big and tall, if you weigh more than 300 lbs, if you are in your chair more than four hours a day you've probably expericenced chair failure. 

Most office chairs are made for users up to 250lbs. Heavy use by heavyweights over time inevitably causes "regular" chairs to break. 

Era Products chairs are made for users up to 500 lbs. Not only is the chair frame and mechanism strong, the quality foam and spring suspension make Era chairs sit like the seat in a luxury car. 

Era chairs are not cheap, (expect to pay $1,000 to $2,500) but can be a bargain for people have struggled to find a chair that is safe, roomy, durable and delivers all-day comfort and support.